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Auto spare parts  Triangle Fourchette Embrayage Kit Silen Bloc Rotule Rotule Direction Rotule Suspension Bellows bend arm Support Moteur

Support Amortisseur Diesel Pump Fourchette Embrayage Repair Kit Gasket Filter Soufflet Brake Lining

  • Company Profile

In Istanbul in 1986, we have built our company has been exporting auto spare parts in Iraq and Algeria. Manufacturers of goods due to delays in hiring ourselves to respond to their needs, we began by establishing Productions Are. Center in Istanbul, Sirkeci, Istanbul Ümraniye Our ​​workshop is located.

The first production of, rubber band, ball joint and tie rod to be groups of auto spare parts and these parts are mainly trying to make the best quality and customer satisfaction, we keep the first place. Customer satisfaction is our satisfaction.
Meet the demand from abroad, mainly to take samples of the pattern by producing non-working to provide the best customer. The majority of our production is carried out in accordance with special orders.

Productions Are the production of ball joint as well as eccentric tensioner, clutch fork, shock mounts, the exhaust mass production, such as sore joints are doing. This production subsidiary firms with the exception of the brake hoses are manufactured. We have our own production in Algeria, which also seals and brake hoses.


  • Company Management

Nurettin Çalışkan
Company Director

D.Kamil Tuncer
Marketing and Purchasing

Zeki Şimşek
Finance and Accounting



Necip Fazıl Mahallesi Kübra Sokak Ekşioğlu Evrensel Sitesi A-5 Blok No:1/E2 Ümraniye / İSTANBUL